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The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are the hottest new gaming consoles of 2021. They are coveted by gamers worldwide as the consoles have been in short supply and high demand since the releases in early November. Retailers struggled to keep them in stock the first few months, and even had to limit purchases to discourage people from buying the consoles and reselling them online for huge profits. There is always hype around any new game system release as gamers eagerly anticipate improvements in their gaming experience, and it seems the PS5 and Xbox Series X have delivered great new products.

Both consoles have advanced ray tracing, fast processing, and up to 120 frames per second (fps) output. Xbox Series X claims “True 4K Gaming” and features AMD Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures for incredible graphics. The PS5 has solid 4K gaming as well, and a high-speed solid-state drive (SSD) for “near instant load times”. It’s easy to see that both companies have improved their features and loaded up on the latest technology available. One of the top new features touted by both consoles is the 8K resolution compatibility. 8K is the newest and best resolution capability today, and many television brands are now offering 8K models.

While 4K has already leveled up the gaming experience in terms of graphics resolution, 8K expands that quality to new heights. 8K resolution is 7680 by 4320 pixels, a huge jump up from 4K’s 3840 by 2160 pixels. This means a sharper, more vibrant viewing experience. In immersive first-person video games such as Halo or Skyrim, the higher-quality resolution can make you feel as though you’re truly in the worlds that these games create. 8K is still relatively new technology, and the gaming world is just starting to advance into it with these two new consoles.

Will the PS5 Need an 8K TV?

The great news is that you don’t need to run out and buy an 8K tv just to use the PS5. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are 8K compatible, but this does not mean that they’re offering a true 8K gaming experience just yet. What it means is that if you have an 8K television, your Xbox and PS5 can upconvert your games to the 8K resolution. Right now, there isn’t much, if any, native 8K content. Game designers and production companies are still in the works to get games made in 8K out on the market, and there are no streaming services offering 8K streaming just yet either.

8K vs. 4K Gaming

The biggest questions when considering an 8K TV to utilize this new feature are whether there is a true difference and improvement in gaming quality vs. 4K, and what games are available in 8K vs. 4K. Right now, there are no native 8K games, meaning that designers haven’t yet made games that utilize the higher resolution in the creation of the graphics and design of the game. Games available now have been designed with 4K, 2K, or even 1080p resolution. This doesn’t mean that they won’t show up on an 8K TV, though. In fact, thanks to the upconversion compatibility of the Xbox and PS5, your lower-resolution games are still going to look better on an 8K TV than a lower-resolution tv. This is because the upconversion will scale the images for the 8K TV to maximize the resolution.

8K TVs are also offering faster refresh rates and much sharper images than 4K TVs. That higher refresh rates means that movements in the game are translated to smoother movements on screen, making everything more realistic.

4K gaming has benefits too. 4K is still high resolution, and if you choose a 4K TV with fast refresh speeds and High Dynamic Range (HDR), you’re going to have fantastic picture quality and smooth game play. There is a lot more available for gaming designed in native 4K, and 4K gaming is a lot easier on your bandwidth needs. 8K requires HDMI 2.1 cabling with a max bandwidth of 48 gigabytes per second (Gbps). 4K only requires a standard HDMI cable with bandwidth of 16 Gbps. 8K is also not recommended for streaming, as streaming units are currently only available in 3K or 4K at most, so you definitely need a wired connection. 4K can be streamed wirelessly. As 8K requires a higher bandwidth for the higher frame rate and resolution, it takes special equipment to make it work.

Another factor to consider is the price. 8K TV technology is currently the newest and the best available, which translates into higher pricing. 4K TVs with HDR and fast refresh speeds will offer a great-quality gaming experience for a lower cost. Overall, if you’re deciding between 8K vs. 4L gaming, 4K gaming is the more cost-effective and widely available option.

What About 8K PC Gaming?

Many people like to use a TV as a computer monitor specifically to have a great big screen to have a fully immersive visual experience with the full power of a gaming PC. Gaming PCs can offer more power, faster speeds, and better graphics rendering and resolution than gaming consoles. It may be a great experience to add an 8K tv to a PC gaming system. As mentioned before, though, 8K gaming requires a wired hookup to supply the bandwidth needed to get those beautiful graphics onto the screen. 4K can stream wirelessly with amazing quality from the computer to a 4K tv with high refresh rate. If you’re considering an 8K TV for your PC gaming system, make sure that you’ve got the right cabling and room for the wires.

8K as the Future of Gaming

As games and video content are developed specifically for 8K, the decision to get an 8K TV will become more practical. Today, you can see that more games and TVs are offering the true 4K experience, but many are still in 1080p. When 4K becomes the normal standard and leaves 1080p behind, 8K will be increasing in availability and likely eclipsed in novelty by a newer, more advanced resolution. Technology is consistently moving forward and will surely embrace 8K and beyond in the future. Whether you get an 8K TV now or not, the day will come that they are commonplace to find in most households.

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