Bluesound Audio is a premium audio brand, known for its high-quality wireless multi-room speaker and streaming systems. Founded in 2012 by Lenbrook International, a Canada-based company with a rich history in the audio industry, Bluesound is dedicated to delivering audiophile-grade sound reproduction with modern conveniences and intuitive user experience.

The brand’s primary focus is on delivering high-resolution audio, which exceeds the quality of traditional CD formats. Its products are designed to work with popular streaming services, networked music libraries, and Bluetooth devices, ensuring compatibility with various digital music sources.

Bluesound’s product line-up includes wireless speakers, soundbars, amplifiers, and network players. The brand is recognized for its flagship range of products, the NODE and POWERNODE series, which combine streaming capabilities with amplification for a seamless audio experience. The Pulse series, featuring portable and stationary speaker options, is another popular choice among consumers.

Utilizing their proprietary BluOS operating system, Bluesound products offer seamless integration and control across various devices, ensuring a unified and easy-to-use experience. The brand is also known for its commitment to sustainability, using environmentally responsible materials in their products and packaging.

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